Monday, February 15, 2010

Story underway, details ironed

I've ironed out some more details about what I want this all to be about and I've begun writing the story. The details are as follows:

I'll start with a short story so I can see how awfully others perceive my writing

I've started developing a stable of characters first before writing any story, and I have an idea of what will be going on in this short story.

The short story will be a part of a greater story about the lives of the characters following a zombie apocalypse. The story will be a portion of a greater story of their lives that I may or may not write.

I think I'm going to complete my works before I publish them here. I look forward to using this mostly as a tool for publishing completed works - I briefly entertained the idea of publishing to this blog everything that I've written, even work in progress, however I think it will be much more useful and compelling for people to see completed works. I haven't completed anything yet, though, so I won't have anything of substance to put here for a bit.

If anyone does accidentally find their way here, they'll at least know what this webspace is for now, at least.


I'd really welcome any sort of contribution or tips regarding the start of the creative writing process - I don't have any formal training on it and would love to hear from people, especially zombie lovers.

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