Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Promotion and writing continue

I've been trying to spread awareness of this blog through a number of means, and I hope you've found your way here looking for some zombie fiction.  As the top of the site says, I'll direct you to the right hand links if you want nothing but the story.

Promoting something like this is a necessary evil, unfortunately - if you want to write a fictional blog, you might as well try to cultivate some readers.  It would be great if there were a website that already had a huge base of user-generated zombie fiction on it that I could tap into and try to use to promote myself, but so far I have not found many places that come close to that description, let alone any that fit it exactly.  I'm using a lot of resources in a variety of different spheres - looking for other blogs with similar content, other fictional blogs, using twitter, etc.  This is a lot of work, but like every blogger I hope to cultivate a readerbase eventually, and that takes work.

I'm working on chapter 2, and developing ideas of what's going to happen deeper down the story line.  I'm going to reveal more about the characters in the group and have Jeff write about an interaction with zombies for the first time.  The characters will deal with searching for sources of water and continue to try to find a place to settle down and start building a life - every zombie survivor's dream.

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  1. While I just landed here (via twitter!) and haven't been able to read through, your concept is neat and good luck with it!


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