Thursday, March 4, 2010

Less promoting, more writing

I may not have mentioned this before on the blog, however I am both a student and an employee in addition to being a writer.  I don't get paid for doing my writing, and it's not earning me a degree - unfortunately, it therefore gets prioritized below these other things.  This can lead to things getting in the way of my writing, and this is what has been happening recently.  Classes have recently required that I devote more time and attention to them, and I can see this increasing as the semester goes on - I'm a slow starter with things like school.

I'm still in progress with chapter 2 of my blog series, and I hope that if I have any fans, they are waiting patiently.  While I am obviously doing some slightly amateurish writing here, I still want to make an effort to assure that what I'm writing is entertaining and worthwhile.

I've found that with this writing project, I am often torn between motivations. On the one hand, I want to just continue writing, to dive into the world I'm creating and bring it to life on paper.  On the other hand, I'm compelled to try to find places to make my writing seen, people to connect with about my writing, and looking for ideas about how to write and what to write about.

On the one hand, I want to spend all of my time writing.  On the other hand, I say to myself, "but if you spend all your time writing, no one will know what you've written because you won't have promoted it."  I never expected promotion and the desire to get one's work seen would be so much work - I thought I could simply start writing and it would be enjoyable, but it's not likely I would enjoy writing for an audience of one or two.

But this is, after all, a writing project.  I am going to put my focus on my writing for this project, and maybe I'll return to trying to create a huge reader base at some later date, once I feel that I've established the blog.  For now, however, I don't feel I've written enough/established myself and the blog enough to really be doing the level of promotion that I know I am capable of.

Basically, I've been overwhelmed with communications from people who want to talk about writing or zombies or my story, and I haven't spent enough time creating fiction, which is what I originally set out to do.  I am going to work on my story at the expense of publicity, if necessary.

Long version, shortened: I'm going to do less promoting and more storybuilding/writing until I feel I have something significantly more worthwhile to market/promote.
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