Monday, February 15, 2010

The Beginning

As I bet happens with most blogging, I enter this uncertain. I'm uncertain how much I'll be committed to this project and where it will go, but I've come this far and it's only been 5 minutes, so onward!

I've come up with the idea of a creative writing project, possibly collaborative, to write about zombies. I like zombies, I like to write and I like to read stuff that I've written, so perhaps I could write about zombies.

I have a small amount of experience creative writing, but I intend to explore my capabilities with it much further than I ever have before with this project. If it goes anywhere. (There's that uncertainty we spoke about. I can't stress enough the suspicion that this is likely to proceed directly nowhere. Just so that's clear.)

If anyone reads this thing, I'd be curious to know how much zombie "fanfiction" and free writing is available out there. I've always believed in the freedom of the internet and sort of like the idea of creating something people could enjoy for free via the internet. Is this going on anywhere else? Somebody out there in the world knows all about this and can enlighten me. I wonder if you need to create an account to post a comment in response to this. Which brings me to the next topic -

This choice of blog locations is by no means permanent and I'm really just trying it out. I'm writing the aforementioned story and intend to release it in pieces at a later date. For now this will serve as a placeholder and perhaps a blog about my creative writing experience.. along with some tips for zombie survival interspersed.


I was able to make it so anyone can post comments in response, here. I prefer this way until someone gives me reason not to do it this way.

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