Thursday, February 18, 2010

Research and writing continues

I've been doing a lot of reading about zombies recently. To create a believable (I couldn't use the word realistic here, despite myself) zombie situation my characters are going to need to utilize some serious survival techniques to get by in a situation and climate where most haven't. To be believable, therefore, the characters will need to know their stuff, which means I need to know my stuff.

Fortunately, there's no shortage whatsoever of survival websites and specifically zombie survival websites out there. Various people are attempting to catalog the various techniques and ideas that people have come up with, with varying degrees of success. Without any permission from their owners, I would like to thank some and link some sites I've found particularly useful. I've tried to cast a wide net and interact with a lot of different types of media on zombies, so without further delay:

George A Romero movies - I've seen most if not all of the Of The Dead movies, and was first introduced to the genre through them. Up until I was introduced to George A. Romero's Land of the Dead I was always under the impression that zombie movies were distasteful and poorly done. I never considered the survival aspect of zombie movies, or at that time, horror movies in general. Romero highlights the changes in society and the fight for survival that zombies would create, and lays a lot of the groundwork for how we should combat and deal with zombies.

The Zombie Survival & Defense Wiki - A great site with a lot of user contributed ideas and thoughts on what a zombie apocalypse would be like

Zedpocalypse - A site with a lot of user contributed fiction regarding Zombies - I'm hoping to become acquainted and involved with these guys in the near future.

Zombie Research Society Blog - has a lot of fun and unique content regarding zombies, worthwhile

These are some but not all of the places I've been getting ideas and inspiration from.  I'm not looking at these sites directly for ideas so much as I am to put me in the zombie state of mind, thinking about what such a situation and world will be like when I create it.

With all that said about nothing, I've completed what I think will be the first blog post made by my protagonist, and I'll be typing (I use pen and paper?!) and editing it tomorrow (Friday) and this weekend.  I'm already well on the way with the second post as well, and I hope to have things underway soon - I'm thinking I'll release the first installment sooner rather than later, so I have some content worth reading (unlike these ramblings about the writing process) and teasing.  Adieu.

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